Use Food Safe Pails For Farming Applications

Posted on: 25 July 2022

Food-safe pails can aid in storing and transporting harvested crops, seeds, and other farming essentials. The size of the pail and the features it possesses may have a bearing on how organized your farming efforts are. 

The Size And The Color

A five-gallon food-safe plastic pail is moderately-sized. This type of pail can be used to store fresh produce, dry herbs, fresh herbs, seeds, and countless other items that are susceptible to bacteria growth. Eliminating contamination is one of the main variables that a farmer needs to consider. Contaminated food products could result in excess waste, customer complaints, and the need to perform the same farming duties on more than one occasion.

Purchasing a set of colored food-safe plastic pails will allow you to store a wide range of farming essentials. Buying pails that are multiple colors will support the use of a color coding process. Store dried products in one pail color and fresh crops in another pail color.

The Characteristics

Food grade pails that contain food products that are purchased through a supplier may contain a tear tab lid. The tear tab is a security device that will ensure a customer that a bucket hasn't been opened. If you are going to purchase food products for your livestock or raw products that will be mixed with crops that you are harvesting on your land, you may want to invest in food-grade pails that contain this safety feature.

Upon receiving the pails that you purchase, you will need to rip off the tab on each one. Upon removing the tabs, you can remove the lid from each pail. After emptying the contents of each pail, rinse out and reuse the pails for other purposes. Food-grade pails may contain a thermal rating. The thermal rating will indicate how much heat a pail can withstand. As long as the temperature does not exceed the rating, any food products that are stored inside of a pail will be protected from the heat.

Pail products that are going to be used to transport goods should contain sturdy handles. Some pail products contain a venting characteristic. If you will be storing or transporting items that will require adequate airflow, invest in pails that contain a venting feature. If products will need to remain in a watertight container, purchase pail products that are made out of a thick plastic material that is impenetrable. 

If you'd like to know more about 5-gallon food-safe plastic pails with a tear-tab lid, reach out to a company that sells them.


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