Tips To Keep In Mind Whenever One Of Your Forklifts Stops Working As Expected

Posted on: 25 February 2022

Does your warehouse or plant use one or more forklifts on a regular basis to get the job done? If so, you likely already follow a regular maintenance schedule to try and keep things running as intended. But equipment will break down or need repair over time, and it's important to know what to do if you should ever find yourself with a forklift that is not operating properly. Here are some tips to keep in mind starting the moment one of your forklifts breaks down or fails during operation.

Get the Forklift Off of the Floor and Ensure No One Uses It Until a Professional Can Assist

First things first, you should never leave a forklift in need of repair on the job site. Remove the forklift to a designated area for broken equipment or at least make sure the device is locked down or roped off. Put up a warning sign over controls while you're at it. A forklift that is not working properly could become a major safety hazard for your workplace if an employee who is not aware that it is malfunctioning were to try and use it on the job. Reach out to a local repair service that can come out to your property to fix the issue, or a service that will assist with getting the forklift to wherever it needs to go for repair.

A Professional Repair Service Won't Just Fix the Issue, They'll Take a Close Look at All Other Parts

One of the benefits of using a professional repair service for your forklift is that a trained professional will be able to look at all other parts across the forklift in addition to fixing whatever the main problem is. This may help you notice another potential issue that could cause a problem in the future and get if fixed now before it becomes a serious safety concern. You ideally want to find out about any potential issues when your forklift is out of operation and not when the lift is ten feet up in the air with your valuable or heavy inventory.

Relying on a Professional Forklift Repair Service Will Give You Peace of Mind and May Help Protect Your Company From a Legal Standpoint

Failing to get professional repair for a forklift you know has issues could leave your company open to negligence claims if something should go wrong. By getting a professional to fix any known issues, such as one from a place like RDS Equipment, Inc., it will give you and any employees better peace of mind that all is as it should be when the forklift returns to daily operation.


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