Industrial Boilers: Is It Better To Rent Them?

Posted on: 11 January 2022

If you are familiar with industrial boilers, you know they are not cheap to buy or maintain. In fact, according to experts, most large and high-capacity boilers cost between $255 and $345 per horsepower. Therefore, the more powerful an industrial boiler is, the higher its price. If your organization needs this equipment but can't afford to buy one, here's some good news: you can rent a suitable industrial boiler instead of purchasing it. Some of the benefits of rental boilers are outlined below.

1.       Lower costs

There are numerous costs associated with owning an industrial boiler. First, you have to raise enough funds to purchase one, which can be challenging, especially for a budding company with limited resources. Moreover, these machines need regular servicing and maintenance to operate safely and reliably. And for that, you need to hire an expert in industrial boiler maintenance, thereby increasing your expenditure. Fortunately, you can avoid such inconveniences by renting industrial boilers. Rental companies save you from spending significant amounts purchasing or replacing the equipment and maintaining them on your behalf.

2.       Quick acquisition

Suppose you want to buy a new boiler. In that case, you have to go through a lengthy and time-consuming procedure before it's at your disposal. That includes gauging your boiler needs, sifting through various brands, choosing the right equipment, and picking a reliable supplier. Plus, shipping, delivery, and installation require more time. On the other hand, renting an industrial boiler is quick, especially when working with a reputable boiler rental service provider. That is why you should always opt for a rental boiler in emergencies like sudden equipment breakdowns.

3.       Quality support services

Boilers, like other machines, are susceptible to various issues, including leaking, low pressure, damaged radiators, and broken thermostats. Such problems are expected, especially when the equipment runs non-stop. Unfortunately, knowing the exact time you'll encounter any of them is not possible. To be safe, you need to ensure you can access expert services as fast as possible. Boiler rentals beat owning your equipment all day when it comes to that. The reason is, companies that rent out industrial equipment have boiler technicians at their disposal, ready to respond when needed. Plus, these service providers work with excellent support teams that are always available to answer your questions and dispatch expert help if necessary.

4.       Versatility

Industrial boilers come in their varieties, ranging from coal-fired and biomass to gas-fired and waste heat boilers. Besides fuel, these machines are also categorized as water tube or fire tube boilers, depending on the tubing method. One of the best things about boiler rental companies is that they have different appliances in stock. Therefore, you can easily get one that suits your industry's needs. In addition, they help you pick the right industrial boiler for powering your operations.


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