Protocols To Follow When Using Wire Mesh To Create Concrete Structures

Posted on: 21 September 2021

When wire mesh is used to make concrete structures, there is more control over the way concrete is poured and how stable it becomes after. Just make sure these tips are observed so that concrete wire mesh remains a pleasant material to work with.

Make Sure Mesh Has Quality Welds

Wire mesh can be used to create a lot of different concrete structures, including driveways and walls. However, it's only going to be effective if it's durable, and that largely depends on the quality of welds that the wire mesh comes with. You want to analyze the welding quality before making a wire mesh choice for concrete-related structures.

Talk to manufacturers to see where welds are placed on wire sections and the specific welding techniques used. You need to make sure they stand behind their welding quality, too, as to ensure wire mesh sections don't come apart once the concrete is poured on them.

Place Wire Mesh Correctly

In order for wire mesh to provide the right supportive qualities to concrete structures, it needs to be placed at the right depth. If you don't get this aspect right, you could have concrete that is more susceptible to cracking. 

You don't want the wire mesh to be too close to the surface. Instead, it needs to reside somewhere deeper to ensure the concrete materials have the proper weight distribution support. If you're not so sure about what the right depth is to reach for these materials, consult with concrete professionals.

Cut Edges if Necessary

If you end up with too much wire mesh for a section where concrete is going, there is an easy adjustment you can make. You can cut the edges to leave behind the right amount of concrete wire mesh that aids your concrete project perfectly.

You will just need to invest in a cutting tool that's strong enough to cut through concrete wire mesh completely. You can use heavy-duty wire cutters to help you get through this material without having to expend a lot of energy or expose yourself to injury. You'll be able to squeeze the cutter confidently and remove any edges that are poking out.

Concrete projects are a lot easier to complete when wire mesh is used. You can find mesh in different thicknesses, sizes, and orientations. Make sure you know how to work with this material prior to pouring the concrete so that you're able to get the right structure that has reliable qualities. Reach out to a concrete construction wire mesh service near you to learn more.


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