Things You Need to Consider When Setting up Fuel Storage Tanks for Your Business

Posted on: 22 July 2021

Storing petroleum or fuel on your property can come with some particular rules that you will need to follow. The tanks used may be above ground or placed underground, but working with a contractor to install your fuel storage tanks is the best way to ensure you are meeting all the guidelines required for fuel storage.

Planning Your Fuel Storage

If you are considering fuel storage tanks on your property, you need to determine the best option for your situation. You may want to consider underground petroleum tanks if you do not have a lot of space for the tank. However, this can come with additional concerns because tanks buried underground are more susceptible to water infiltration or leaking into the ground around the tanks. 

The tanks may need to be carried in a concrete vault of the liner to ensure that a fuel leak is contained. Tanks on the surface also need catchment systems to contain fuel in the event of a leak. In both cases, the contractor installing the fuel tanks needs to pour some concrete and design a system that will hold a specific percentage of fuel. Most catchment systems will not hold the entire tank's contents, but your contractor will most likely already know the requirements for your area. 

The position of the tanks on the property will also need to be determined before work begins, and the distance from structures may vary from state to state. Check the code in your area to ensure you allow enough space between the petroleum storage tanks and any buildings nearby.

Fire Suppression Systems

Fuel storage tanks will require a fire suppression system to keep a fire under control until first responders arrive. The system may completely extinguish small fires, but there are regulations that will dictate how large of a fire the system needs to contain and how it needs to be installed. 

Fire suppression on fuel storage tanks will often encompass the tanks, the pumping systems, and any pipes or plumbing that feel the pumps around the tank. These systems can be intricate, but the fuel storage tank contractor will be able to install the system or bring in a subcontractor that specializes in fire safety and suppression around fuel storage tanks. 

Storage Limits

It is critical that you check the regulations surrounding the amount of fuel allowed to store in your tanks. Some areas limit the size of the storage tanks for private businesses for safety reasons. A large tank farm can be very dangerous if there is a spill or a fire, so code enforcement is often rigorous on these systems. Hiring an experienced contractor to install the system will ensure that the system works properly and is safe to use.

For more information, contact a fuel storage tank company, such as Eaton Sales & Service, to learn more.


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