Tips When Working With a Company That's Performing Metallographic Sample Preparation

Posted on: 11 June 2021

Metallographic sample preparation is a proven process that reveals microstructure details on different types of materials. It can give you a lot of relevant data, but in order for it to really pay off, you need to work with a company offering these services carefully.

Have Company Provide Step-by-Step Breakdown

You'll have a lot of confidence working with a company that provides metallographic sample preparation when they give you a step-by-step breakdown of their sample preparation processes. You won't have to guess or worry about the condition of your samples.

Seeing this list should also make you feel good about the speed of sample preparation. You'll clearly see the company has its stages dialed in and thus can start working efficiently as soon as you hand over samples that you want microstructure details on to aid your operations in a positive way.

Make Sure Materials are Supported

There will be some companies that only work with a set list of materials when performing metallographic sample preparation. You need to know if that's the case before giving them your samples and having them go through these processes.

What materials does the company have experience working with in regards to metallographic sample preparation? If you don't see your materials supported, then you just need to ask to confirm for sure. You may end up working with another sample preparation company, but you need to know for certain in order to set this analysis up for success.

Verify Correct Techniques are Performed

Metallographic sample preparation does involve a lot of steps, including sectioning, mounting, coarse grinding, and polishing. Each one of these steps will have intricate techniques that need to be performed just right because if they're not, you're not going to have clear results at the end.

See if you can verify that a company offers the correct techniques with all of the stages in metallographic sample preparation. Ample experience with this process is a major plus, but so is having the right equipment to execute each stage flawlessly. Search for one of these companies so that you don't end up having poor sample preparation results.

If you want to examine intricate details of a material like a metal, metallographic sample preparation is a process you'll need to have executed by a professional company. You're in charge of which company executes it so make sure you perform enough research to make a good selection. 


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