Renting The Scaffolding Your Project Needs

Posted on: 7 January 2021

Scaffolding can be extremely useful for a variety of construction and renovation projects. However, it is a very specialized type of equipment, and most contractors or individuals will find that it will make more sense to simply rent this equipment when they need it rather than attempting to buy and store the scaffolding over the long term.

Evaluate Whether The Scaffolding Should Be Enclosed

As you are looking at scaffolding providers, you will want to take a little time to consider whether the scaffolding should be enclosed or open. Enclosed scaffolding can help to shield your workers from the elements, and this can be a useful option in situations where rain showers may be a frequent occurrence. Also, enclosed scaffolding may be safer as it will be less likely that a person will fall through the enclosure while they are on the scaffolding.

Use A Rental Service That Can Assist With Setting Up Or Delivering The Scaffolding

Scaffolding can be extremely bulky and heavy, which may make it both extremely difficult to transport as well as making it harder to set up the scaffolding at the site. Luckily, it is possible for you to rent the scaffolding from a provider that will offer delivery and set up services for your scaffolding. By using a scaffolding rental provider that offers these services, you will be able to dramatically reduce the amount of labor that you have to spend on setting up the scaffolding, as well as the potential risks of the scaffolding not being set up correctly.

Be Aware Of Any Weight Limits That Apply To The Scaffolding

Every scaffolding system will have a maximum amount of weight and individuals that it can safely support. Exceeding these limits can be an extremely dangerous decision for a contractor to make as it could increase the risk of the scaffolding collapsing under this weight. In most instances, the weight of the workers that are on the scaffolding is likely to be one of the largest contributors to the weight on the scaffolds. For this reason, you may want to start with estimates for the weight of the workers that will be on the scaffolds and then consider any particularly heavy equipment or supplies that they will need to use. Once you have this information, you will be able to discuss your scaffolding needs with the rental provider so that you choose a set that will be able to safely accommodate your workers and the gear they will be using.


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