Setting Up A New Loading Dock? 3 Types Of Equipment You Will Need

Posted on: 7 October 2019

If you are setting up a new loading dock, there are many things to consider. One of these things is the dock equipment you will need. To help, below are three types of equipment so you can make your purchase and get your new loading dock all set up.

Loading Dock Sealant

When a trailer pulls up to the loading dock, there should be no gaps between the dock door and the truck. If there are gaps, air can escape from your building. This can cause you to lose the air that is cooling or heating your building, which will result in energy loss. Your heating and cooling equipment will also run more to keep the temperature at what you have set on the thermostat. Having a gap can also prevent air from getting to materials that are in the trucks. There may be some items that will be contaminated if unfiltered air gets on them. 

You can choose from a variety of dock seals. One type is an inflatable seal, which is commonly used. This is because this seal will sell the top of the trailer, as well as each side. There are also pad seals, which are popular because they are less expensive than other types. Pad seals also seal the top and sides of the trailer.

Trailer Restraint

Another type of equipment you should purchase is a trailer restraint. This will make your dock much safer for the drivers, as well as employees inside your building loading and unloading the trailers. A restraint will prevent any movement of the trailer while things are loaded and unloaded. Even a small amount of movement can cause someone to fall, which would result in injury.

There are different types of restraints that you can use, such as hydraulic, mechanical, and electric. What you choose will depend on the type of dock you have and the type of trailers you use.


A dock leveler is another type of equipment you should consider. If a truck is not able to fully back into the duck, it can be dangerous for your employees to load or unload the trailer. A dock leveler can take care of this because it is placed to cover the space between the truck and your dock. This will allow your employees to load and unload the freight much safer and quicker. 

There are different types of dock levelers available on the market. The most common types used are pneumatic, hydraulic, and mechanical. What you choose will depend on the type of drive mechanism of the trucks.

Talk with the salesperson that sells this type of equipment and they can give you much more information. This person can also help you choose the type of equipment that will work best for your company.


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