How Monomers Products Are Used To Create Fake Nails

Posted on: 17 June 2019

Monomers are used to create a range of products, including fake nails. A monomer is simply a molecule that is used to create polymers. You'll need monomers products from a monomer provider to manufacture fake nails. 

The Role of Monomers

The liquid used to create the fake nail is called a monomer. The primary monomer used by the fake nails is ethyl methacrylate, and there are sometimes other monomers added and other additives. There are many types of monomer liquids used to create acrylics, but they are also very similar. There is no such thing as a universal acrylic liquid.

The acrylics for the nails are created through a reaction between the monomers and a polymer powder. The monomers combine with each other in a head and tail fashion to create long fibers that are known as polymers. 

Resin Modifiers and Other Agents

Resin modifiers often need to be added to control the properties of the resin. Agents attach to polymer chains to make the plastic nails more rigid. The reaction can be sped up by adding catalysts. Monomers will sometimes react to each other too early, so inhibitors need to be added to make sure that this doesn't happen. Otherwise, the liquid would turn into a gel that could not be used for artificial nails. 

Plasticizers and Polymer Chains

The resin needs to have a plasticizer added to improve its performance. This acts to lubricate the polymer chain to reduce the risk that the polymer chain breaks when placed under stress. 

Pigments and Other Ingredients

The ingredients above are designed to form the liquid used to create the acrylic nails. However, this isn't enough to achieve the effects that you'll likely want. Additionally, the liquid will need a dye to achieve the desired color. Some ingredients are simply designed to achieve a specific color, while other ingredients are designed to give your nails a more natural appearance. A pinkish and bluish color is very pleasing and natural-looking. 

When the polish is applied to the nails, flow agents are used to control how the polish spreads over the nails. Also, color stabilizers need to be used to prevent the pigment from changing to a yellow hue.

Artificial nails can be used to serve a range of purposes. Some artificial nails are used to mimic actual nails as closely as possible. Others are designed to create a more artistic and stylized look. 


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