Three Scenarios Where New Steel Pipe Is An Absolute Necessity

Posted on: 18 January 2018

Steel pipe is more commonly used in industrial settings. It is rarely used anymore in residential settings, since PVC pipe is cheaper and lasts longer than metal pipes, a major benefit to homeowners. However, there are a few scenarios where new steel pipe is an absolute necessity.

Transporting Tons of Human Waste for Decades

City sewer pipes are often concrete, but steel pipes are used when a narrower diameter of pipe is needed. Tons of human waste is moved through these pipes very quickly, and it becomes evident that that much waste can erode the concrete. Hence, the steel pipes, which may corrode a little, but will not break or split, and will last for decades. Sometimes, if you watch road construction, you will see the crew installing corrugated steel pipe instead of concrete ones, and then you know that a lot of human waste is going to be moved through these new pipes underneath the street.

Channeling Corrosive Industrial Materials

Corrosive chemicals, either made in an industrial plant, or produced as the result of production, need to be kept free and clear of factory workers. These chemicals are the kinds that could eat holes in your flesh, or cause you to die from toxic inhalation. Only steel pipe can stop these liquids from leaking and/or squirting out on people. 

Draining Large Pools of Water

Steel pipe installed vertically allows cities to drain away excess water from certain areas. If a lake or enclosed body of water gets too high and flooding is a probable effect, these drains can pull water down into the drain system and send the water to treatment facilities for human consumption. The method not only prevents flooding over the banks of the body of water, but it is also recycled for good use. These pipes require regular maintenance too, which provides people with jobs.

 Check out Steel Pipe for Other Uses

Given the multiple and available diameters of steel pipe, it can be used for a lot of applications. If you are curious to find out if steel pipe would work for you, talk to a manufacturer of steel pipe. The specific details of what you are attempting to do will tell the representative whether or not steel pipe would be appropriate for your needs. If it is, the representative can tell you which type of steel pipe and what diameters would work best for your scenario.

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