Have A Septic Tank? Signs It Needs To Be Cleaned

Posted on: 25 December 2017

If you live in a house that has a septic tank, it's important for you to stay vigilant. Unlike individuals who reside in a home that is serviced by a municipal sanitation company, you have a tank on your property that can easily fill up. It's vital for you to pay attention to the things that are going on in your house that might alert you to the fact that you have a full tank. The signs which are listed below can indicate that your tank needs to be cleaned out by a professional. If they apply to you, make an appointment with a septic tank cleaning company right away.

You Have Slow-Flushing Toilets

Under the normal circumstances, your toilets shouldn't take very long to flush. The moment you pull the lever and the water goes rushing into the commode, the contents of the bowl should be swept away in no time. 

The problem comes in when the waste that is exiting your toilets meets up with a block. If your septic tank is full, there is nowhere for the wastewater to go. It essentially has to maneuver its way through the waste in order to get into the stream that will eventually meet up with the sanitation pipeline in your community. You'll find that the water will typically take much longer to leave the toilet because of the backup.

If you've noticed this occurrence you want to do something about it before the problem becomes too severe. A septic tank cleaning professional can root out all of the grime that is clogging up your system. After you've handled the matter, you'll find that the wastewater evacuates the toilet much more quickly than it did before.

Water Backs Up In Your Sinks & Showers

It can be quite difficult to take a satisfactory shower when your septic tank is full. Instead of walking away from the experience feeling clean and fresh, you might have a bit of an "icky" feeling because you were forced to stand up in the water that piles up on the bottom of your shower stall. 

The water could be building up because your septic tank desperately needs to be cleaned out. Taking care of the issue will make a big difference in the flow of water that exits the drain in your shower.

Your septic tank performs an important role and should not be ignored. When these signs show up, let a professional take a look at your septic tank and fix the problem.


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