Restricting And Controlling Traffic Around Your Building Or Property

Posted on: 29 November 2017

Anytime you have traffic flowing around an area that has pedestrian traffic or areas that you do not want cars going, you have to come up to control the movement of that traffic. Signs and lights are one way to control traffic but restricting it is a little harder. How do you block off access completely? There are some ways to completely block an area and still allow foot traffic.

Reasons To Restrict Traffic

There are several reasons that may want to restrict the flow of traffic from an area on your property. Anywhere people are walking poses a potential risk. Mixing cars and people is never a great idea. Another area of concern is the front doors coming into your property. While you would not generally think that someone would try and drive into your lobby but accidents do happen. The last reason is simply to make traffic move efficiently around the property.

What Are Bollards?

Originally bollards where posts placed on the deck of a ship to tie if off but the name is now also used to describe the posts used to control traffic. Often made from concrete or steel, bollards are an efficient method of blocking off areas that you want people to walk without concern of cars coming up behind them. There are many styles, but if you are looking for bollards to accent your property, a nice stainless steel bollard would be a good fit out any lobby doors. There are other materials you could use, but these are going to look nice for many years and only require you to wipe them down with soap and water occasionally.

Placing Bollards

Bollards are easy to install. The can be bolted to the concrete they are on. Drill a hole and set an anchor into the concrete the position the bolt flange down over the holes that you drilled, then insert the lag bolts through the hole s and tighten them with a wrench or ratchet until the bollards are firmly mounted. You now have a barrier that will stop a car or truck but allow people to still walk through the area. To protect the front of a building you can place bollards out far enough to not impede foot traffic but stop a vehicle long before it gets to the front of the building.

Covering Steel or Concrete Bollards

If you already have bollards in place, but they are made of steel or concrete, you might want to make them look a little nicer. You can cover them with a decorative cover made from stainless steel or some other material. Just measure the existing bollard and buy a cover to fit over it. Slide the cover on, and that is all there is to it. Now they look as good as they will work.

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