6 Factors To Consider When Purchasing A Reciprocating Air Compressor

Posted on: 27 May 2017

In shopping for an air compressor, you are presented with a variety of choices. A reciprocating air compressor may help you with your new projects, but the key is to find a compressor that speaks to your needs. These factors will help you shop for the best choice.

1. Compressor Use

One of the first things you need to consider is what you will do with compressed air. How often will you use your compressor? Is this going to be an intermittently used item, or will you use it consistently? Paying close attention to the duty cycle is essential. The cycle should at least meet your requirements.

2. Control System

You must also determine which type of control system works best for your demand as well. A start/stop control is ideal for discontinuous use, for example. If you want to keep your compressor from starting and stopping constantly, the Constant Speed Control is a better option for minimizing costs of operation. Finally, there is Dual Control, which operates with either mode.

3. Compressor Location

The compressor location matters as well. More protection is necessary if you intend to place your compressor outside. If you choose to put it inside, you will contend with finding the right ventilation for efficiency. Reciprocating compressors especially require the right amount of flow to prevent overheating. Never place your compressor in an enclosed area.

4. Pressure Requirements

Pressure, typically referred to as PSI, is an important factor. The rating of your compressor must at least match the PSI of every process you require it for. PSI is affected by air pipe length and equipment, including filters.

5. Air Tank Requirements

The receiver tank of an air compressor is an essential component to consider as you shop. Air should not exceed compressor capacity, and this should be based on your project needs. If you have a small tank, your compressor needs to work more to keep up.

6. Extra Features

The material an air compressor is constructed of impacts how it can be used. Heavy-duty stainless steel, which works against corrosion is one key to preserving the life of your air compressor. Other devices are capable of monitoring oil, preventing damage from running your compressor too dry.

This guide will help you determine which factors are important in selecting the reciprocating air compressor that best serves your needs. Shopping for an air compressor is easier when you understand your needs.

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