Properly Using A Pressure Washer For The First Time

Posted on: 25 April 2017

If you never used a pressure washer in the past, and you are in the market to purchase one in the near future, you are most likely concerned about utilizing it properly when you decide to wash down your home or deck. While different brands will have slight variations in the way you use their product, most work in relatively the same manner. Here are some instructions you can use when using a pressure washer for the first time.

Do A Check To Secure The Nozzle

The nozzle on the end of your pressure washer needs to be snugly secured to the remainder of the unit. If there is any play in the nozzle area, water will not be directed toward the output area and instead will drip from the base of the nozzle. This can lead to an inadequate pressure washing session, making you need to divert water toward the intended target for a longer duration of time to get it clean. Do a check of this portion of your pressure washer before each use by turning the nozzle to tighten it into place.

Make Sure Water Pressure Is Correct

When you use your pressure washer, the amount of water pressure that you have present will make an impact on the quality of cleaning you obtain. To test the pressure, point the pressure washer toward the ground or away from any personal items. Turn on the water spigot on your home and pump the trigger portion of your pressure washer before you turn it on. This will help to loosen the parts inside, making it easier for the water to be directed through the equipment. Turn on the pressure washer and be aware that you may be jerked backward a bit if the pressure is too strong. Adjust the pressure as necessary and wait a moment before starting the cleaning process to ensure the water is coming out of the unit in a steady stream.

Keep An Eye On Your Distance

As you clean siding or decking, it is important to watch how closely your pressure washer is to the intended target. If you get too close, water will splash back toward you and there is also the potential of splintering of wood and cracking of vinyl from too great a water impact. Keep the nozzle portion about a foot away from the area you are cleaning. If the surface does not seem to be getting clean, move the nozzle slightly closer. It is best to start with the pressure washer too far away and then adjust the distance closer if necessary.

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