Three Advantages That Fiberglass Scaffolding Has Over Metal Scaffolding

Posted on: 24 April 2017

Metal and wood scaffolding have been the go-to options for scaling tall buildings for centuries. With the invention of fiberglass, fiberglass scaffolding was created. It has been gaining ground over metal scaffolding, and with plenty of good reasons.

You Can Carry a Lot More Scaffolding

Fiberglass scaffolding is very light in weight. You can carry armfuls of the scaffolding pipes as easily as carrying bundles of twigs. What is more, you can fit a lot of fiberglass scaffolding in the back of a work truck and not have to worry about weight restrictions for work trucks or worry about fuel consumption because the weight of the scaffolding will not drag down the truck.

It Is Very Quick and Easy to Assemble

The problem with metal scaffolding is that it is tricky to set up and worse to take down, especially if the metal scaffolding has been exposed to a lot of rain recently. The pipes rust a little bit each time you use the scaffold, causing it to stick together and refuse to be taken apart. The fiberglass scaffolding, on the other hand, is very easy to assemble and disassemble. It cannot rust, expand, stick, or otherwise refuse to come apart. That said, you can always break down the fiberglass scaffolding with ease, while the metal scaffolding may have to be transported another way when the parts do not come apart.

It Is as Strong as Metal, but Flexes Like Plastic

Imagine a material that can bear your weight but that is not made of steel or metal. That material is fiberglass. Imagine also the number of times one of your work crew has backed a vehicle into your scaffolding and damaged it so badly it could not be used safely ever again. Now imagine the same scaffolding set up with fiberglass. When a truck hits fiberglass, it will flex instead of breaking. If it does not bounce back, it yields to pressure from the reverse side and snaps back into place. You will not get that with steel or metal scaffolding.

It Is Cheaper to Make and Cheaper to Buy

Because fiberglass scaffolding is cheaper to make than steel or metal, it makes it cheaper to buy too. In the event that you have any problems with a piece of fiberglass scaffolding, you can just replace it. Then recycle the damaged piece of fiberglass so that it can be turned into something else fiberglass. 

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