6 Food Packaging Essentials For A Sandwich Or Sub Shop

Posted on: 18 April 2017

If you plan on owning or operating a sandwich or sub shop, you must know the importance of obtaining the various types of containers or food packaging for your goods. Whether it be for catering orders or for carry out sales, the proper packaging is a must. You may need everything from clamshell containers to party platters for your business. To give you a basic idea and point you in the right direction, here are 6 essentials for food packaging needs in a sandwich or sub shop.

1. Hinged Sandwich Containers

This will be a staple in a deli sandwich or sub shop. Clear, see-through plastic hinged sandwich containers will provide an airtight seal for freshness. It should have a tamper evident hinge or strip for product safety. The transparent plastic makes it easy to identify the contents inside. Alternatively, you will find deli sandwich and sub sandwich containers made of Styrofoam. They are made to gently "hug" or cradle the sandwich and keep the inside contents from falling out.

Sandwich containers are used for carry out orders or pre-packaged sales. The containers will be available in various sizes, ranging from small, rectangular or square sandwich size to oblong submarine sandwich size. In addition, you will find containers designed for holding wraps. Most are stackable, so they may be arranged neatly to save counter space.

2. Sandwich or Deli Paper Wrap

This is another essential food packaging item. When preparing a sandwich or wrap order, it will need to be wrapped in some sort of sandwich or deli paper. It is typically made of a dry wax material to prevent moisture. You'll find this paper available in large quantity sheets. They are often microwaveable as well. Deli sandwich wrap sheets are often a solid color, although you may order black or red checkered designed sheets if you prefer.

3. Deli Bags

These are another essential for take out sandwiches. After the sandwich or sub is wrapped in deli paper, you'll need a bag to place it in. For submarine sandwiches, hoagies or grinders, the bag will be oblong and available in small and large sizes. You may have these bags custom printed with your shop name or sandwich type.

4. Side Salad Bowls and Soup Bowls

Many sandwich and deli shops offer side salads or soup to their customers as part of a combo meal deal. If the order is for take-out, you'll need some type of carry-out bowl. Small salad bowls and take out soup bowls are typically crystal clear and come with the necessary lid.

5. Compartment Containers

These containers are ideal for holding a few different take out or catering orders in one package or tray. As the name suggests, the tray will have various compartments that separate each item. So, if the sandwich shop is offering a catering order for a fruit bowl or condiment and fixings, it will be stored neatly. The compartment trays or containers will come with the base and a lid. Some designs feature a center dip cup for holding dips. They are often sold in bulk packaging.

6. Party Platter Trays

Party platter trays are not only useful for increasing sales profit, they are an essential for special platter catering orders. Basically, these large round trays will hold sandwiches and wraps, or other deli catering orders. They may also be used for special fruit tray orders that accommodate a sandwich catering order. Party trays and platters are most commonly made of heavy plastic, although some are constructed of aluminum. The tray will come with a lid or the lids may be offered separately.

Some party trays are designed with a "Lazy Susan" type base. Others include a simple flat rounded base. Most will use the high domed lid. Trays and lids are most always made to be stacked for easy storage.  


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